Kittery-Tobu 20th Anniversary Exchange Celebration! April 26 – May 1st!

Hello Friends!

The town of Kittery, Maine and the Shapleigh school system will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary of exchange with Aomori by hosting a student exchange from the Rokunohe and Oirase regions in Aomori Prefecture, Japan from April 26 to May 1!  The picture below provides a simplified itinerary of events that are planned to take place!  If you would like to get involved with this upcoming celebration, with educational exchanges between Maine and Aomori, or with the Kittery-Tobu Exchange Program, please contact us at  You can find the Kittery-Tobu Exchange Program’s website here at

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Kittery Exchange 2013

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Hello Friends!

If you would like to support Friends of Aomori, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, please feel free to make a donation!  You may fill out a secure, online form through by clicking on the image below!

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Donate to Friends of Aomori!

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If you have not already and would like to get involved with our organization, please contact us by filling out the contact form on our website here!

Ichiro Fujisaki Interview

The American Radio Show recently interviewed the former ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki! Spanning a variety of topics, Fujisaki-san discussed education, American politics, the US-Japan relationship, security issues for world leaders, March 11, 2011, and how to be a good diplomat.

Please go to the following two links to listen to the interview!
Part 1  and Part 2

Fujisaki Ichiro