Mr. Kawaragi’s Performances (Pictures)

Below are pictures of Mr. Kawaragi performing for Maine students at various schools.  Thank you very much, Kawaragi-sensei.  It was very fun!  本当にありがとうございました。とても楽しかったです。 Your performances have positively impacted hundreds of students of the State of Maine!  We look forward to your performances next year!

If your school or organization would like to participate in a cultural exchange like Mr. Kawaragi’s performance, please use our contact form to speak  with Friends of Aomori.   We have already begun planning for Kawaragi-san’s performance schedule next year, so please contact us to express your interest!  This year, most performances lasted 45 minutes in length and were at school assemblies at the beginning or end of the school day, or during an individual class or group session.

There are more photos and videos of Mr. Kawaragi’s visit among other interesting updates on our Facebook page.

Kawaragi-sensei’s and Mike Herrick’s Visit to Maine! Sept. 29 – Oct. 15!

Mr. Herrick and Mr. Kawaragi during one of their performances this year
Mr. Herrick and Mr. Kawaragi during one of their performances this year

Hello Friends!

Kawaragi Katsutoshi, our fantastic guest between Maine and Aomori for many years, has planned to visit Maine this Sept. 29 – Oct. 15! As the leader of the Hachinohe Enburi dance group and the United States – Nippon Friendship group (USN), Kawaragi-sensei has been one of the pillars of the cultural connection for the sister-state relationship. He currently lives in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan.

He will be accompanied by his lifelong friend and retired professor Mr. Mike Herrick!  Mr. Herrick has been involved with Japanese language instruction and East Asian Studies for many years, and will be a part of Kawaragi-sensei’s performance by serving as the MC.  He will provide English explanations of the performance to the students!

During his stay in Maine, Kawaragi-sensei will perform his traditional Japanese dances and activities at Reiche Elementary, PATHS, Greely Middle School, Georgetown Elementary, West Bath School, Moore Middle School, Hall-Dale Elementary, Marcia Buker Elementary, and Dresden Elementary! He will also volunteer at the Preble St. Soup Kitchen in Portland, ME!

Welcome to Maine, Mr. Kawaragi and Mr. Herrick!  Thank you very much!