Friends of Aomori Meeting Minutes 11/6/13

Friends of Aomori

Friends of Aomori had a very positive and successful meeting tonight! Thank you for attending and providing your valuable input! We discussed and acted on some immediate essentials for the organization regarding many different aspects of the sister-state relationship! Meeting minutes are available below that will update you on Friends of Aomori’s current activity and course of action!

Please read the meeting minutes here FoA Meeting Minutes 11.5.13(pdf).

Friends of Aomori Meeting on Tuesday November 5!

Hello Friends!

We will be holding a  Friends of Aomori this coming Tuesday, Novemeber 5 from 4:30-6:00 at the USM Portland Glickman Library 4th Floor Conference Room.  All are welcome to attend!  The purpose for this meeting is to discuss and reevaluate our goals, restructure our organization, discuss membership in a constructive manner, revisit our fundraising possibilities, and create small, easily attainable goals with quick deadlines to get things in motion.  Planning for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the sister-state relationship has already begun!  Please join us!