Friends of Aomori is a nonprofit organization consisting of many dedicated members striving to improve the relationship between the State of Maine and Aomori Prefecture, Japan.  Friends of Aomori’s goals are to:

  • Coordinate incoming and outgoing delegations between Maine and Aomori;
  • Coordinate artistic and cultural exchanges between Maine and Aomori;
  • Provide support to schools in Maine that operate educational exchange programs with Aomori;
  • Educate the public about the sister-state relationship;
  • Raise funds to support sister-state activities.

Friends of Aomori Board of Directors 友達の青森取締役会

Jeff Badger, President
Don Hudson, Treasurer
Elizabeth Bull, Secretary
Lydia Badger
Denny Barrantes
Thomas Bahun
Nathan Hamilton
Cindy Mathews
Pilar Nadal
Raegan Russell
Carrie Scanga
Ann Thompson

Friends of Aomori
P. O. Box 10763
Portland, ME 04104-6163
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