Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the new website for MASSAC and Friends of Aomori!

Friends of Aomori and MASSAC are groups that specialize in facilitating and encouraging the educational, cultural, and business/trade relationships between the State of Maine and Aomori Prefecture, Japan!  Every other year, the State of Maine sends many delegates from various areas of arts, education, and business to Japan.  The years in-between the delegations, we host a delegation from Aomori in Maine.

We are currently planning two Maine delegations to go to Japan this year 2013! This summer, we will be sending an education and arts/culture delegation consisting of some very dedicated people from Maine.  In the fall, we will be sending representatives from Maine’s energy and fisheries industries, as well as researchers from Maine’s universities.

Next year, it will be the 20th year anniversary of the Maine-Aomori sister-state relationship!  We are very excited and honored to be hosting the Aomori delegation to Maine.  We cannot wait to celebrate the success of the Aomori-Maine relationship, which is very important to us.

More information on the 2013 and 2014 delegations will be coming soon!  Please check out our delegations page to view annual trip reports of delegations in the past!

The site is currently under development, but we will be fully up and running soon!  Please revisit us!

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